LIfe Drawing Workshop

Sirena Hart

SAt 1 April, 4.30pm + 5.30pm
Lewis Gardens, High Street
Colchester, Essex CO1 1JH

Duration 1 hour
Maximum 20 participants per session, suitable for ages 15+

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A one-of-a-kind life drawing class, where your tutor and model will offer multiple poses in fantastical settings.

Sirena Hart will build up your confidence and skills during this relaxed session, helping you to create colourful and vibrant artwork to impress your friends.

He/she and they are ready to share the Sirena Hart Fantasy, creating an environment where everyone can express their own artistic flair with confidence, comfort and authenticity and, most importantly, the freedom to do so unapologetically.

Sirena Hart

Sirena is an established Artist and Drag Performer in East Anglia who believes drag and portraiture together create a whole new creative experience.