What happens
when choreography
goes off score?

Fest en Fest invites artists and audiences to come together for performances and discursive and social gatherings. The program evokes different experiences and expands choreography; what it can be, how it can move, and how it moves other things. By twisting and turning, H2DANCE continues to place the festival in new relations and spatial settings, enabling different forms of entanglements troubling current choreography definitions. It is as much about curating choreography as choreographing the curatorial.

Fest en Fest combines curious


              cracked conclave colliding conferences with

cautious community congregation 

Fest en Fest was born out of a dissatisfaction with dance’s focus on choreography as production.  Instead, we want to value the social, the choreography of being together, and the artist. Fest en Fest thinks with choreography and its potential to open up for other kinds of structures, processes, and knowledges.  It seeks to rehearse new relations, choreographing future models for producing, presenting and congregating, creating gaps and breathing spaces. 

It opens space for UNCERTAIN ambiguities, 

the uncanny questionable, the indeterminate, the undefinable and the intangibles.

This year’s festival enters the gallery space for the first time. What happens when a choreographer works with clay, objects or paint when we allow bodies and other materials to choreograph one another during performances and social events? Fest en Fest 2022 invites artists that work with bodies through vibrations and the beauty of darkness. It induces states of the in-between, lostness, and horror, encountering the hunter and hunted. Fest en Fest 2022 challenge us to stay with the unknown. 

To stay with the bend, the STRANGE and

unformatted and unfigured transformations


refiguring unformed formations with evasive definitions and instinctive misleadings

Fest en Fest Team:
Choreographers/ Curators: Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Producer: Natalie Richardson
Producer/ Production manager: Anna Smith
Production Manager: Rachel Shipp
Volunteers Coordinator: Michael Kitchin
Funded by Arts Council England, Embassy of Sweden London, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of Iceland, Finnish Institute, Cambridge Junction
Partnering with APT Gallery, No Format Gallery, VSSL, Trinity Laban, Cambridge Junction, Sadler’s Wells, Roehampton University, Firstsite, Goldsmiths University of London



Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard

Hanna Gillgren
M(UK) +44 (0)7939 538 807
E hanna(at)h2dance.com

Heidi Rustgaard
M(UK) +44 (0)7720 436 384
E heidi(at)h2dance.com


Natalie Richardson

M(UK) +44 7743 052926
M(IT) +39 3203480269
E natalie(at)konzept.co.uk


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