Fest en fest
youth 2022

In 2021 H2DANCE started developing Fest en Fest – YOUTH, a curatorial project for and with young people. Fest en Fest – YOUTH is based on THE TEENAGER IN REYKJAVÍK co-directed by Asgerdur Gunnarsdottir and Alexander Roberts as part of Reykjavik Dance Festival 2018.

The project invites local teenagers to come together and think about how and what a festival of the future might look and feel like, to initiate, choreograph and curate a festival on their terms, facilitated by H2DANCE.

Fest en fest YOUTH 2022 in collaboration with Cambridge Junction and Red Balloon
Fest en fest YOUTH 2022 in collaboration with Firstsite Gallery Colchester

Locations in 2022

Serta Portugal
Wednesday 13 April

METAL Peterborough UK
As part of Peterborough Celebrates
Sunday 15 May 

Cambridge Junction 
Sunday 29 May

Firstsite Colchester
Saturday 11 June 

Serta Portugal

Concept and direction by H2DANCE
Curated by teenagers in Serta and Villa de Rei, Portugal
Produced by Mapa de Ideas and Academia de Produtores Culturai
Funded by EEA Grants Portugal, through the EEA Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Harnessing the wave of young climate activism that emerged in 2019, the project invites teenagers from Serta and the neighbouring village Villa de Rei to develop a concept, produce and curate a festival of the future.

The work seeks to activate a number of artistic interventions that in different ways explore current climate concerns. Working in disciplines such as dance, performance, architecture, design, fashion, costume and music the work will culminate in a festival of the future that may take the form of a choreographed promenade through various locations chosen by the teenagers, where the audience will meet performances, objects, installations and talks, ending with food, drink and a party. The teenagers will choose their role in the production of the festival depending on where their interest lies, and lead on the aesthetics and the content of the work with guidance from H2DANCE and three local professional artists.

The project asks: In which way can we self-organize and become active in imagining a new and different future for our planet?

As well as collaborating with and learning from the teenagers and the local established artists, the overall goal is to form a remaining young curatorial collective who will be able to continue the project and imagine new festivals in years to come.

Fest en Fest – YOUTH in Portugal forms part of FÔLEGO an artistic intervention project with impact on the development of audiences in 5 municipalities: Mação, Oleiros, Proença-a-Nova, Sertã and Vila de Rei. Together with artists and climate scientists from Portugal, Norway and Iceland the project aims to bring closer together and strengthen the relationships between the population of the 5 municipalities, favouring artistic intervention methodologies that come from working with the community.