H2DANCE is present HUB – Open space


Fri 30 April 17:00 BST/18:00 CET
Enter here

Duration 2 hrs

No booking required

This is an attempt to set up a virtual meeting place.
This is very much an experiment.

In this space artists and colleagues can dip in and out. An interactive space where you might go through different experiences, where you observe, share thoughts, play, discuss, take a position, collaborate, provoke and influence each other – a form of a social choreography that breaks down power structures and mobilizes and encourages self-organization and autonomy. Or just a space to hang out and talk about life.

It is important that it’s a safe space, where care is at its centre.

Perhaps it becomes the go-to space for meeting your international colleagues? Perhaps it becomes a space we can share work with each other?

We don’t know but are excited about its potential.

Hope to see you there!