Expanded choreography

Video Lecture

Martin Hargreaves

Tues 6 April 11:00 BST/12:00 CET
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6 April 11:00 BST/12:00 CET to 4 May 18:00 GMT/19:00 CET

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Choreography in the expanded field

In 1979 art critic Rosalind Krauss wrote an essay in which she attempted to wrestle with the term ‘sculpture’ and how it was promiscuously denoting all manner of practices across an expanded field of reference. Since then it’s become something of a trope to prefix ‘expanded’ to a whole range of genres in order to think about the experimental boundaries of a discipline but also the historical and geographical exclusions that a word might perform. This lecture will ask how choreography is expanding, what it encompasses or eschews, and how there might be corresponding vectors of contraction and refusal. In particular, it will explore how this expansion is often articulated through a proposed tension between choreographic discourse and dance practice. At the centre of this enquiry will be the question; expanding for and by who?

Photo: Sam Ray

Martin Hargreaves

Martin Hargreaves is a dramaturg, writer, and performer and his interests vacillate between boredom and hysteria. His research areas are on the recent histories of contemporary dance, queer practices and camp misunderstandings. He has been a visiting lecturer at Stockholm University of the Arts since 2013 and a member of their Artistic Research Advisory Board since 2019. Martin started teaching at London Contemporary Dance School in 2016 and began his current role as the Director of Research and Postgraduate Programmes last year. In 2003 he was awarded a PhD for his thesis ‘Performativity, Spectrality, Hysteria’ and much of his subsequent practice has loitered around these lenses. From 2003 to 2013 he was the Editor of Dance Theatre Journal and from 2015 to 2017 was Guest Dramaturg in Residence at South East Dance. Martin is a Trustee of Dance Art Foundation and Siobhan Davies Studios. Recently he’s performed for Boris Charmatz, Joan Jonas and Pablo Bronstein, co-edited a monograph of Kira O’Reilly’s work and worked as a dramaturg for Joe Moran, H2DANCE, Marikiscrycrycry, Nicola Conibere and Samir Kennedy.