Screensaver Series


Janine Harrington

Tues 11 Feb, 6.30pm
Cambridge Junction
J3 Theatre
Clifton Way
Cambridge CB1 7GX

Duration 45 mins

Experience a hypnotic, kaleidoscopic installation which is always in motion.Screensaver Series is inspired by the obsolete screen-saving programmes of early computing. This live kaleidoscopic installation is comprised of sound coding and dance performance exploring a pattern of attention as activity within “inactivity” much like meditation or hypnosis. Performers fold, echo, push, signal, yield, flex, hold, rest, trace and make each other possible with a rhythm, scale and pace that traverses the granular to the grandiose. The perpetual movement references the natural world, care-taking and metamorphosis.

“Watching the ensemble perform is like watching an intelligent, interplanetary, serpentine lifeform mechanically glide through outer space to land blow after blow on the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of my brain.” 
Adam Moore, dance art journal

Concept, choreography, costume: Janine Harrington
Sound coding and performance: Jamie Forth
Dance performance: Vanessa Abreu, Rosalie Bell, Janine Harrington, Rosamond Martin, Elisa Vassena
Producer: Kat Bridge
Dancers in images: Vanessa Abreu, Iris Chan, Janine Harrington, Stephanie McMann, Louise Tanoto, Elisa Vassena
Photos and video: Roswitha Chesher
Developed with support from: Arts Council England, Goldsmiths, Dance Umbrella & ResCen Network, South East Dance.

Janine Harrington

Janine Harrington is a British choreographer, performer and writer. Her works explore game structures, play, access, neurodiversity and the poetics of movement practices. Her recent work, the kaleidoscopic Screensaver Series (premiered at Dance Umbrella, 2018) foregrounds these interests and is currently touring. Janine has honed her practice alongside performing in gallery and museum contexts across Europe, teaching, writing, mentoring and advocating around neurodiversity and artist leadership. She is Align artist with South East Dance and Re-Search artist with Dance Umbrella/ResCen Network.