an international festival of expanded choreography initiated and curated by H2DANCE

Sonic Choreographies — one-note

TUES 4 JUN, 6—8pm
APT Gallery
Back room
6 Creekside
London SE8 4SA


Tickets for this performance are for the festival opening night and include entrance for Marina Collard’s Skirting around the Edges

Sonic Choreographies – one-note launches a series of choreographic projects for the gallery using only a single note. The project delves into the one-note concept within spatial exploration, investigating how repetition can resist and insist. As the single note unfolds in space and time, it reveals itself as multiple identities influenced by wave formation, frequency, texture, and how we enter and exit the note as a choreographic practice that goes off-score.

Concept and choreography: Heidi Rustgaard
Sound design: Ross Flight
Dramaturg: Martin Hargreaves
Funded by Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practise, and Rose Choreographic School Sadler’s Wells.
Supported by Bergen Kunsthall NO and Trinity Laban.
Festival opening supported by the Finnish Institute



Ross Flight is a sound and interactive systems designer working in contemporary theatre for over 10 years. Since 2020 Ross has also designed sound and mixed ‘Soundworlds’, a sonic theatre podcast that won ‘Best Fiction’ at the British Podcast Awards and won the ‘Best Use of Sound’ at the BBC Audio Drama Awards.

Heidi Rustgard 

Heidi is a choreographer and curator who has been working in partnership with Hanna Gillgren as H2DANCE since 2000. In 2018, they initiated and continue to curate Fest en Fest, a festival of expanded choreography in London. 

Heidi’s practise and research is situated in both the choreographic and the curatorial, working between the convivial and forms of display, where she seeks to activate her choreographic terms, choreo-curation and off-score. That is, choreo-curation is intra-action (Barad) between the curatorial and the choreographic and off-score as a strategy to queer and de-habituate forms and boundaries and reconfigure capacities. She is busy with what choreographic, queer methodologies can do and their potential to move other things, not merely represent. To continually create new queer forms of meaning, where evolving landscapes avoid a state of harmonious unity but create constant differentiation in how we relate to, produce, and shape each other. Her current projects aim to challenge conventions associated with different spaces and materialities through a series of works called Amplified Edition, a collaboration with Hanna Gillgen, and Sonic Choreographies, which she will be developing as part of her research at Rose Choreographic School at Sadler’s Wells, where she is artistic cohort 2024-26.