an international festival of expanded choreography initiated and curated by H2DANCE

Skirting around the Edges


Marina Collard

TUES 4 JUN, 6—8pm
APT Gallery
Back room
6 Creekside
London SE8 4SA


Tickets for this performance are for the festival opening night and include entrance for Heidi Rustgrad + Ross Flight’s Sonic Choreographies — one-note

Skirting around the Edges (2023) originally set in the streets of Rome on the day of the Festa della Liberazione, is a durational performance, a gentle disturbance and an act of defiance of social expectations. Addressing readiness and reluctance, the performance holds a sense of wanting to enter in while holding an equally strong case for remaining on the edges, pointing to questions of visibility, status and appropriateness, anxiety and exclusion. The work is both psychological and political, making a case for the uncertain. Side stepping in a pair of flippers is a resistance to consensus and a resistance to collusion and agreement – holding some scepticism towards the prevailing culture and societal expectations.

Festival opening supported by the Finnish Institute


Marina Collard

Marina Collard is a multidisciplinary artist who has performed and exhibited works in theatres, galleries, studios, and outdoor settings in the UK and internationally. She works independently and collaboratively in the areas of painting, performance, and video often creating site responsive work, such as the recently exhibited Episodes in Falling (2023/24) at Castello di Rocca Sinibalda and MIDLIFE: Painting, Performance and Paraphernalia (2023) at Progetto ESTHIA, Rome.  

After working extensively in the field of contemporary dance as a choreographer, performer and lecturer, Marina gained an MFA in Fine Art in Rome extending her concern with movement and physicality into other areas of practice. With a focus on the everyday, she draws on themes from domestic and public life, finding beauty in the mundane. Her works reflect aspects of the human condition within the fragile and complex landscape of our world. These elements are aestheticized and explored paradoxically, reframing the ordinariness of life and rendering the unspectacular visible.