FEST EN FEST 4-9 June 2024

Fest en Fest is an international festival of expanded choreography initiated and curated by H2DANCE (Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard) in 2018, presenting UK & Nordic artists working across dance, performance, writing and visual art.

Fest en Fest invites artists and audiences to come together for performances and discursive and social gatherings. The program evokes different experiences and expands choreography; what it can be, how it can move, and how it moves other things. By twisting and turning, H2DANCE continues to place the festival in new relations and spatial settings, enabling different forms of entanglements troubling current choreography definitions. It is as much about curating choreography as choreographing the curatorial.

This year’s festival is centred around solidarity, a choreographic coming together of artists to think about the future of the arts in the UK and how we can be a force for change.  

Fest en Fest 2024 is a space for artists and audiences to think together about ways to insist on the value of the arts and to resist where the arts is currently heading in the UK – an evolving exhibition of activism, performative events, scores, videos, discursive lunches and podcasts.

Fest en Fest 2024 is funded by H2DANCE, Finnish Institute UK & Ireland, Royal Norwegian Embassy, THe EMBASSY of Sweden London, Göethe Institute, THE PLACE and Roehampton University.
Supported by APT Gallery, Independent Dance, Rose Choreographic School Sadler’s Wells, Metal & Water.
Huge thanks to all the artists and volunteers participating in the festival and making it possible.
Choreographers/Curators: h2dance / Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard
Producers: H2DANCE
Graphics: Kaisa Lassinaro
Website: DesignPrintBind.info
Photo: Henri T