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Fest en Fest 2020 takes place in February at Trinty Laban, Goldsmiths University of London, Colchester Arts Centre and Cambridge Junction UK. The satellite events in Cambridge and Colchester are supported by Vision Mixers – a Cambridge Junction producer development initiative for 2018-22.

Autumn 2018 H2DANCE has explored possible links with Nordic festivals. We visited Oktoberdans with support from BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen Norway and Everybody’s Spectacular in Reykjavik Iceland with support from Reykjavik Dance Festival.  To  further delvelope our Nordic connections we have hosted discussions at Vitlycke Sweden, Danceatelier/Reykjavik Dance Festival Iceland and Multiplié dansefestival Trondheim Norway spring 2019. We invited artists and producers to workshops and conversations about what a festival could be and speculated around new ways of presenting dance and choreography.

We asked:
What do artists need to work across borders?
What are artists concerned with?
Are current festival, touring and production models still relevant and for whom?
How can we open up the doors for new and more inclusive ways of working?

More information on Fest en Fest 2020 to follow soon!

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