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Stina Nyberg

Stina Nyberg lives in Sweden and works as a dancer and choreographer.  In her practice, she uses conviction and illusion in order to create systems which constructs the world differently, and make bodies act accordingly. At moments she calls this performative force magic, sometimes a craft, and occasionally a practice. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body; its social and political construction and ability to move.

Stina has developed a series of independent works in collaboration with choreographers, musicians, visual artists, technicians and city planners. For several years she has been obsessed with electricity, creating a series of performances with her Tesla coil in order to ignite a public fascination for science. Last year, on commission from the Public Art Agency Sweden, she also choreographed a city walk from the perspective of a dog. This spring sees the premiere of the dance Make Hay While The Sun Shines, created with a cross-generational cast of dancers. Stina is also part of the collective Samlingen, who in site-specific situations grapple dance history from a feminist perspective.

In the current work Make Hay While the Sun Shines I depart from a movement practice which aims to sample the history of the dancer. It cuts up, remembers and mixes together references, habits and physical memories that accumulates throughout a moving life. Tired of contemplation and slowness, it does so at a very high speed. In this practice, we override the time to think and premiere the physical reaction, saying yes to the dance that pops up when you are busy changing your mind.



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