Fest en Fest – LAB


Fest en Fest –LAB and H2DANCE invite Björn Säfsten SE, Stina Nyberg SE, Ingri Fiksdal NO, Sonya Lindfors FI, SERAFINE1369 UK, Malik Nashad Sharpe UK, Kate Marsh UK, Emilyn Claid UK to share their choreographic approaches and methodologies through a variety of formats such as interviews, lectures, scores, books and conversations with the public. Each artist is paired with another and invited to discuss a topic that concerns them and to think together about how to broaden the potential of the choreographic.

Fest en Fest – LAB is, in addition, creating a LAB partnering with Cambridge Junction. This space invites artists to come together to play and experiment without any agenda or pressure to present.

Fest en Fest – LAB seeks to open up for and sharing of new choreographic knowledges, structures, tools and strategies.