Fest en Fest 2020 will include performances by the following artists:

Ingri Fiksdal (NO) presenting Diorama at a special outdoors location
Janine Harrington (UK) presenting Screensaver Series and premiering her new work SOME TIMES: good luck, dinosaur
Project X presenting Ghost Dimensions
Kristin Ryg Helgebostad, Ingeleiv Berstad and Chrisander Brun (NO) presenting Phantasmagoric
Rani Nair (SE/IN) presenting Memory Lab
Mette Edvardsen with Jonathan Burrows, Francesca Fargion, Matteo Fargion (NO/UK) presenting Music for Lectures/Every word was once an animal
QUARTO (SE) presenting Durational Rope and they will give a workshop on working with ropes (organised in partnership with Independent Dance)
Katja Dreyer (DE/BE) & Karen Røise Kielland (NO) presenting Cry me a River
Marika Hedemyr and Ingrid Cogne (SE/FR) presenting their book Dansbaren
Grace Nicol (UK) leads a discursive lunch with Janine Harrington entitled When abuse of power comes as a surprise
Marikiscrycrycry (UK) presenting Errrrbody sad and I got a Deathwish (work in progress)
Kate Marsh (UK) presenting Land, her short film with Welly O’Brien
Maria Lloyd presenting her film Blind Dancer about Europe’s only professional blind dancer, Said Gharbi
H2DANCE (NO/SE/UK) presenting Amplified Edition