Maria Lloyd – Blind Dancer

Blind Dancer
a short film by Maria Lloyd

In the film BLIND DANCER we follow Lisa a blind librarian as she travels to dance with Europe’s only professional blind dancer, Said Gharbi in Brussels.

SHE can’t cope with circles. She feels her arms belong to other people. She grapples with reclaiming her body. She struggles with regret and ambition; ability and disability.

HE has his own company in partnership with his choreographer wife, after working many years with Ultima Vez, world top choreographer Wim Vandekeybus.

The two of them meet to dance together, she is christian, he is muslim and they are working in Molenbeek area in the city centre of Brussels mostly know for jihadist activities, but also where the artist have their dance studios. Blind Dancer is a moving experience.


Maria Lloyd

Maria Lloyd trained at the International school of Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Since then she has been creating dance films and visual theatre. Her experience of working extensively with teams of artists has led her to find a personal film language where art forms meet and challenge each other. Living in England for 13 years her films were commissioned and distributed by South East Dance Agency and Euroarts in Berlin. Her short films have been shown on European TV channels and screened in many international festivals. SALT produced by Medieoperatørene was a British, Polish and Norwegian film project shown on BBC Arts NRK, SVT, YLE a.o. Blind Dancer produced by True Fiction is her latest short combining documentary and fiction. She is currently making a new film in the´Nye Veier´ talent scheme, a film combining actors and puppets.

Cast & Credits

Lisa: Hege Konstanse Finnset Eidseter
Said: Said Gharbi
Dancers: Maria Kolegova, Aymara Samira Parola, Milan Herich, Antonia Grove
Screen choreography: Maria Lloyd
Assistant choreographer: Antonia Grove
Choreography trembling dance: Said Gharbi

All choreographies are made in collaboration with the performers

Dance teacher Brussels: Ana Stegnar
Acrobat Brussels: Carlos Landaeta Meneses
Performers Oslo: Young Lisa – Hanna Maria Conradi, Man #01 – Marius Kolbenstvedt, Man#02 – Marcelino Martin Valiente

Director, Maria Lloyd
Producer, Cecilie Bjørnaraa
Script, Maria Lloyd
D.O.P, Harald Paalgard
Camera assistant, Mattias Pollak
2nd camera, Magali Charrier
Editors: Magali Charrier, Maria Lloyd, Inge-Lise Langfeldt
Sound design and mix: Svenn Jakobsen
Foley: More names
Music composed and performed by: Erland Dahlen Recorded and mixed by: Bjarne Stensli
Grading and mastering: Fredrik Harreschou

Crew Belgium
Line production company: Picture the scene
Production manager: Olan Bowland
Location manager: Jonathan Ram
Sound engineer: Thibaut Darscotte
Sound assistant: Sebastien Lheureux
DIT: Jules Le Garroy-Simonot
Gaffer: Arnaud Hock
Best boy: Olivier Guillemain
Best boy: Bertrand Gevart
Camera equipment: Eye lite
Lighting equipment: D. Hock
Sound equipment: Wogami

Production: True Fiction AS
Co-production: Sentrifugal Film

Norwegian Film Insitute
Film Consultant: Ståle Stein Berg
Senior advisor: Ingrid Festøy Ottesen Viken Film Center
Film consultant: Kalle Løchen

NRK: Arild Erikstad

YLE: Jyrki Nokkonen

Thanks to: Ultima Vez Dance Company Hybrid Studio, The other library, Paulie xxx and Nelson, Syeda Eeman Hashmi, Gunhild Bjørnsgaard Holger Koefoed
Financed by Norwegian Film Institute, Viken Film Center, NRK, YLE